Find a clean public restroom on the go with CleanBM

CleanBM is your best friend when it comes to finding a clean bathroom when you're out in public.

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Close Up Features

CleanBM takes away the guesswork of finding a clean public restroom with its user supported input and feedback from people just like you!

  • Search Near You

    CleanBM uses your phone's GPS to locate clean restrooms within your vicinity and maps the shortest route to get there.

  • The latest details from users like you.

    The user supported data shows the latest details of the nearest clean restrooms including photos, feedback, and ratings.

  • Share with Others

    Share clean facilities with others with CleanBM's easy sharing feature.

  • Add New Locations

    Help make CleanBM even better by adding new locations to the app as you discover new clean restrooms.

Who's Using CleanBM

Why should you use CleanBM? Take a look at the most convenient features why you need this app.

Know before you go.

Enter a public restroom with confidence that its going to be clean.

Got Diapers?

Find baby friendly restrooms with our changing station feature. * (Premium feature)

The Latest Feedback

The user supported information ensures you always have the latest feedback on how clean a bathroom is before you enter.

Simple to Use

We've designed this app so its quick and easy to use while on the go. Add feedback to restrooms with ease.